Social programme

Poster session and Welcome reception

  • When: Tuesday 8th September 2015
  • Venue: Météo France international conference center
  • Time: 18.30 – 20.00

City Hall welcome reception

  • When: Wednesday 9th September 2015
  • Venue: Galeries Lafayette mall
  • Time: 19.30
Address: 4/8 rue Lapeyrouse, 31008 Toulouse

Concert : La mal Coiffée

  • When: Thursday 10th September 2015
  • Venue: Météo France international conference center
  • Time: 18.30

Conference dinner

  • When: Thursday 10th September 2015
  • Venue: "Saveurs Bio" restaurant
  • Time: 20.00
Address: 22 rue Maurice Fonvieille, 31000 Toulouse

Social events on Friday afternoon

  • When: Friday 11th September 2015
  • Venue: Météo France international conference center
  • Time: afternoon, after the conference closing
Three different events are available, registration should be done via the conference registration page. Registration fees for the conference do not include these social events. There is an additional charge of 15/25 euros for them, that should be paid at the same time than the registration fees.

♦ Let’s sing: Traditional polyphonic singing

Polyphonic singing is an ancient practice we can find in France over most of the Pyrenees. During family or religious festivals, work song or dance, polyphony has always been synonymous with conviviality and sharing. This 2 hours course will be the opportunity to learn a 3 voices song in Gascon Occitan and so find the pleasure of singing together.

With Bastien Zaoui from the famous Vox Bigerri band:

This course is open to everyone, no singing experience required.

Price: 15 euros

♦ Let’s taste: Wine and Food Pairing

Why should we serve white before red wine? Is red wine appropriate for all the cheeses? What is the right way to judge whether a wine can be serve with a given dish?

This two-hour session intend to present wine and food pairing rules. It will provide an opportunity to taste three wines and two cheeses.

No ability to taste wine is required. Only the taste for gastronomic experience is necessary.

Contributor: Yves Cinotti, teacher and researcher in Hotel trade and catering

Price: 15 euros

♦ Let's visit Aeroscopia

Enter into the history of aeronautics and live a unique experience! In the vicinity of the hall where the A380 is assembled, the Aeroscopia museum recounts the history of the airplane and will take you right inside some of history’s legendary aircraft. In the form of an airplane’s fuselage, this 7,000m² building houses an exceptional collection: iconic aircraft, a historical fresco, and models of airplanes, as well as themed areas that are entertaining and interactive. You will be able to discover legendary and exceptional aircraft: the Concorde, the Airbus A 300B, the Super Guppy... but also civilian and military planes: Corvette, Falcon 10, Fouga Magister, Gazelle, Mirage 3C...

Shuttle bus will be organised. Thank you to bring your identity card (or passport). The cameras will not be allowed.

Aeroscopia Web site

Price: 25 euros